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Transmission All-in-One manage script

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Hello Guys,

I would like to share with you script that I was working on time-by-time for past month or two. I was originally using numerous scripts I found over the web to do what I need, but non of them were able to manage Transmission queue on My Book due to the bug related to this system that prevent showing torrent status (Stopped/Download/Seed) correctly from transmission-remote list output.
So I start developing my own script to use debug mode of Transmission Remote and parse JSON within bash to properly identify torrent state and to apply manage logic. Finally I end-up with single script to do everything I would think of someone would need from Transmission.

Let’s call it Transmission All-in-One manage script. Version 1.0


  • Install/UnInstall startup and shutdown scripts (overwrites default Optware scripts)
  • Enable/Disable startup of Transmission on boot as check flag
  • Start/Stop/ReStart of Transmission
  • Stability fix by setting EVENT_NOEPOLL=1; EVENT_NOEVPORT=1; EVENT_NODEVPOLL=1
  • Updating Blocklist from
  • Edit Transmission config file and if changed force Transmission to re-read config file
  • Watch Transmission and Restart if not responding
  • Status of torrents in Transmission Remote native output format
  • Torrents Queue manage:
    • start and stop torrents according to MAX_TO_DOWNLOAD and MAX_TO_SEED values
    • stop seeding once Max Ratio is reached
    • respects ratio-limit from Transmission config file
    • move torrent data to Complete folder once enough seeded and remove from Transmission list if succeeded
    • use minimum calls to Transmission Remote
    • watch check included
    • overcome torrent Status bug on WD MyBook system by parsing JSON instead of regular list output


cd /opt/bin
wget -O transmission
chmod a+x transmission
transmission install

CRON Jobs:

#Transmission Queue Control every 5 minutes
*/5 * * * * /opt/bin/transmission queue

#Transmission Restart every 2 hours as stability workaround
0 */2 * * * /opt/bin/transmission restart


# Start Transmission
transmission start

# Stop Transmission
transmission stop

# Call Boot procedure
transmission startup

# Enable starting Transmission on boot procedure
transmission startup on

# Disable starting Transmission on boot procedure
transmission startup off

# Show Transmission Remote List
transmission status

# Restart Transmission
transmission restart

# Open VI (or another editor) to edit settings.json
transmission edit

# Watch Transmission and kick if needed
transmission watch

# Queue manage (for CRON)
transmission queue

# Install startup and shutdown scripts
transmission install

# Uninstall startup and shutdown scripts
transmission uninstall

# Show commands
transmission usage

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