iPK Combo

Gadget shows Wireless signal, Access point name, Wireless IP, External IP, CPU load, Free RAM memory, System Drives utilization, Laptop battery level and estimated time of battery life.

Introduce smooth animation and complete customization - you control exactly what items you want to see, animation speed, color pattern, etc.

Greetings goes to iSlayer for original gadgets that inspired me.

Download iPK Combo 1.3

Gadget use PHP script that is hosted on this website as well as ipchicken.com to identify your IP address. This can be changed in gadget settings - any webpage that is showing your external IP can be used - gadget will find the IP address on that page.

More Screenshots: one, two, three, four

What’s New in 1.3:

  • New: CPU average by default with option to show per unit
  • New: Refresh timings are configurable
  • New: Improved color preview in settings
  • Fix: Changed alternative IP address provider
  • Fix: Compatibility issue on XP (on ported Sidebar)

What’s New in 1.2:

  • Fix: Freezing/Hang issue on IE9
  • Fix: Massive CPU and memory usage improvemets
  • New: System Drives added
  • New: New Version notification
  • New: many minor improvements

What’s New in 1.1:

  • Fix: IE9 transparency bug
  • Fix: Minor memory leak fixed
  • Fix: Enable Show IP whithout Signal
  • New: Skin custom color and fade
  • New: Redesigned graphics
  • New: New Properties page
  • Minor optimizations

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78 Responses to “iPK Combo”

  1. Marco Says:

    Great job with your gadget!!. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time: clean, very customizable and shows (or hides) almost all information you need to know in one gadget. Just needs network traffic (like network meter, bars like CPU usage), HDD info and the option to make it bigger.
    Also, the animation is deffinitely a plus!! Congrats!.

  2. George Says:

    Hey Pavel, Great gadget! I’ve noticed some compatibilty issues since instlling IE9, the gadget now shows a white border, not transparent. im running windows 7 home premium 64 bit…

  3. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    Hello Marco,

    Thank you for your feedback. I will consider network traffic and HDD info if I have free time someday.

    Hello George,

    Thank you for letting me know about compatibility issue with IE9. I am sorry you have lost transparency - I will attempt to fix this someday. No promises as I am overloaded.


  4. PekiP Says:

    Hi Pavel,
    Great ipK Combo gadget,and works great!
    But,as time nears for the release of IE 9 maybe You should address the issue of white border around gadget’s edges.
    Other than that… perfect gadget


  5. Miaow Says:

    I really like your gadget but I agree with Marco, just need the network traffic :)

  6. Amir Dakkak Says:

    your gadget is great and super great .
    i want to ask u about your photo gallery, did u do that alone? it’s your work?
    if yes, i can’t describe this work, u have to sale it to the biggest companies.

  7. lea Says:

    firstly thanks for a great gadget,the IPK combo is probably my most looked at gadget,but just recently im getting ‘error 12007′,can you help me resolve this,im running win7 premium 64bit,thank you

  8. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    Hello Lea,

    Looks like this error occurs when gadget can not resolve DNS of server it is configured to check external IP address. If you recently changed gadget settings - please check server name, if not then check if IE can open the script from gadget option. Cheers

  9. Petr Says:

    hey man, could you please update the gadget, so it does work with IE9 installed? actaully it works, but there is white border around the gadget instead of transparent :(

  10. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    Hello Guys!

    I am happy to announce that a new version 1.1 is released that is fixing IE9 transparancy issue and delivering more features for instance picking ANY color of skin! Should be available at Live Gallery shortly


  11. m00m00 Says:

    Hi… When will the 1.1 update be available for download ? The 1.0 version is all that I can get …

    Brilliant update. THANKS

  12. Pavel Kuzub Says:


    Update is yet pending verification by Microsoft. I expect it to be completed within a day. Stay tunned. Cheers!


  13. m00m00 Says:

    Aaaah… thanks for that… this waiting is killing me!

    Come on Microsoft… verify it already!

    Put it up on your site or email it to us impatient slaves to your gadget!


  14. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    Wait nomore! :) It is verified by MS and available for your download. Happy using! ;)

  15. m00m00 Says:

    Ooooh. Today IS a happy day. I am getting it right away.

    Thanks you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Very very much.

  16. Alien Says:

    Pavel…. man!!!!!! what else can I say… simplicity and perfection in one! great work and fine but subtle improvements on ver 1.1
    Keep up the great work man! Among tons of useless garbage of gadgets,Your creations are shining like the diamonds!!! Stay sharp and be good as You always were!

    Best of wishes,


  17. Randy C. Austin Says:

    Great work on this gadget! But am I missing something? The description says it can display the Internal IP and the External IP, but the gadget only displays the External IP and the Wireless IP.

    Since I’m using the gadget on a desktop is there a way I can get it to display the Internal IP?

  18. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    Hello Randy,

    Good point. I am afraid I refered internal ip to wireless ip and there is no way to display actual internal ip on desktop. I will consider adding this in next version. Cheers

  19. Randy C. Austin Says:

    I’ll look forward to the next version! Thanks!

  20. Yasell Says:

    thanks for fixing the transparacy issue, but for some reason im having problems shuting down. everything closes but the gadget i always have to force the shut down its getting quite anoying.

  21. Danh Says:

    I really like your gadget, but i have a problem when i use version 1.1. It’s hard to shut down the computer, i must do it twice before the gadget close.

  22. steve D Says:

    Same issue with the shut down in windows 7 64 bit. I have been killing sidebar.exe manually prior to shutting down….other than that, i would love to see a few other options if possible.
    1. overall CPU usage in addition to each processor
    2. Ability to chang ram from how much is left, to how much is being used.
    3. network usage bar up/down
    love the gadget though, i use this insted of 3 others.

  23. Donovankovic Says:

    eres grande man =)

  24. c4evap Says:

    Most excellent dude!

  25. steve D Says:

    i see that the sidebar.exe shut down error seems to occur only if ie9 is installed and happens in both 1.0 and 1.1……any updates on this issue? i love the gadget but having to kill sidebar every shutdown is getting bothersome.

  26. Pat Says:

    Superb gadget.

    However, when I’m not connected to the Web, iPK Combo 1.1 “hangs” windows when trying to shutdown the PC (Win7-64b). I have to kill the task to shut down the PC. Any idea how to fix this? (P.S.: Working nicelly if connecting to Internet…)

  27. Pat Says:

    Oups, finally, it is hanging the shutdown process, being, or not, on the Internet…

  28. pruchi Says:

    hi Pavel,firstly thanks for a great app which iv been using for nearly a year now without trouble+its in my top 3 of most used apps,in the last few mths i keep getting ‘ERROR 12002′ displaying on the gadget,even with the update i still get it occasionally,can you shed any light on this error,thanks,Pruchi

  29. Dirk Diggler Says:

    I have the same shutdown issue as others, i.e. the gadget seems to cause the system to hang on shutdown. I’m running Windows 7 64-bit and using version 1.1. Other than that, love the gadget. Thanks.

  30. Guillermo Covarrubias Says:

    It’s a shame to see my number one gadget being useless since I have to force shutdown almost every time. I don’t use it anymore but just for the record, IPK Combo had been adorning my desktop ever since 2009 without a single lapse. Please fix it.

  31. Guillermo Covarrubias Says:

    Windows 7 64-bit

  32. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    To all of you folks who is suffering hang issue on shutdown, etc with iPK Combo 1.1 running.
    This issue is only triggered under Internet Ecplorer 9. This is happening due to the way DOM garbage collector has been implemented in IE9. Due to animation and constant DOM manipulation in the gadget there, IE9 is trying to clean some memory used previously by DOM elements on unloading the page. This is a known problem to me and I have already spent a lot of time optimizing and rewriting entire code to use memory and DOM objects much more efficient to mitigate this hang on close issue, but so far I don’t have complete fix. Version 1.2 will be delivering improvements in this area and some more features as well. I feel your pain!!!

    Stay tuned, thanks!

  33. Guillermo Covarrubias Says:

    Thanks man!!! I will be looking forward to it.

  34. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    Hello Guillermo, folks who is suffering hang on close issue,

    Just wanted to update you on the progress: I have finally got to the point when gadget is working stable on IE 9. I have re-done almoust entire code on performance optimizing and anyway come to conclusion that I can’t beat the way IE 9 is doing it’s cleanup on closure, so I proceed with regular gadget reloads, so that IE 9 can perform its cleanups on the same regular basis when its not much to clean yet and thus is completing instantly. The refresh should be barely noticable, so I hope solution for hang issue will not irretate. Significant cpu and memory utilization improvements are implemented while searching for this issue resolution, so its a bonus.
    I am planning to add check for a new version and at least disk space utilization before I release an update, so that new features are also includes.
    Stay tuned folks, I am spending time on gadget on a daily basis, so its going to be soon. Cheers

  35. Pat Says:

    Cool. I’ll be visiting this site weekly. Keep us updated on your progress.

  36. m00m00 Says:


    Sounds exciting !

    I cannot wait….

  37. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    Hello Folks, I have submitted new version to Live Gallery a week ago already, but it is still pending approval… Arrrrrr. Can’t wait either when you guys can see it!

  38. the gandab Says:

    could you make youre sidebar compatible with aida64 readouts and tweak it to look like the asus ai suit 2 epic look,peace

  39. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    I don’t plan to read values from Aida. What are the counters you are referring to? I have not seen Asus monitor, as I don’t have Asus GPU, so I don’t know what exact style you are refering to.
    However I do have plans for various background skins in future release

  40. the gandab Says:

    the link to show you how the ai suit 2 looks



    and here the readings aida64 gives


  41. Guillermo Covarrubias Says:

    This is awesome!!! I only have one gadget and that’s IPK Combo, I’ve been waiting for so long. Your updated gadget Rocks!

  42. Chris Says:

    Could you make black back ground, user changeable to another Color

  43. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    Changing background is in my todo list. This is tricky due to transparancy and my last prototype had issues so I postponed this feature untill I come up to better design that is capable to chage color of background and foreground, being resisable and transparant.

  44. m00m00 Says:

    Wow… thanks for the update. This is now purfect and the ONLY reason the sidebar is worth anything.

    This should come with every windows 7 install.

    Thanks again!

  45. the gandab Says:

    so any news on the latest build pavel?

  46. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    Hello Gandab,

    I am confused on what you are refering to as the latest build 1.2 is out that has fixed all reported issues and introduced wanted features. Have you tried version 1.2 already or are you looking for even newer version already? If so - what is your expectation on the changes? Cheers

  47. the gandab Says:

    well do you not remember what we talked about over email?

    about the ai sui2 gui layout

    i asked you if you could change the background to look like it to have different skin presets etc remember?-.-’

  48. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    Oh, sorry, I was short on memory -_-
    Just skin lift is not enough base to start new version development. I am waiting for more reviews and suggestions to work on, so that this is not your private version

  49. the gandab Says:

    xD no problem i understand well you heard the guy everybody common bring the suggestions and reviews on what are you waiting for ? -.-’

  50. the gandab Says:

    ey pavel just pm me a private version for christ sakes

    or ill be waiting till i grow old and wrinkly -.-’

    you got my email , work youre magic baby xD

  51. stsaerox Says:

    It’s the greatest gadget I’ve ever used. I’d appreciate if it had network meter for upload & download speed.

    Anyway, maybe it is the worlds best ever made windows gadget!!!!

  52. Robert Says:

    Great gadget, great tool… very nice

    —1) I am using it on a desktop, so there is no Wireless IP, but there is still a Local IP which does not show - I think it should, instead of the Wireless IP showing “Acquiring IP”, it should show the local network ip like
    —2) I would like a combined CPU usage in 1 value, so 3% CPU usage, not 0% 1% 4% 0% showing up, just 1 line for CPU usage, an average

    This is about my 4th CPU monitor gadget [in the past hour of searching], and it is the best, works on my Windows 7 nicely, nice colors… I wish i could move it all the way to the edge of screen in top right, right now the control for the gadget doesn’t let me go all the way right or it goes out of screen…

  53. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    Hello Robert,

    Thank you for constructive feedback - fair enough.
    Per items:
    1) This is a very valid point. It has been on my todo list for a while already. Sidebar API is not providing this data, so I need to use something external from sidebar to get access to this data. I have been looking for the best techniqe to use that will be copyright friendly and low on resource usage. So far gadget is using purely what sidebar API can provide. Recently I had a fresh look at this and I believe I am close to start get benefit from Performance Counters data. I will certainly include regular internal IP.
    2) Very good feature fequest. Such an obvious thing had not been thinked of yet. Its a shame. Will definately be on next release.

    As of putting it in the corner - not sure if this can be done. I have not seen control on this. Have you seen this ability in any other gadget? If yes - which one?

  54. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    Hello Robert,

    Thank you for constructive feedback - fair enough.
    Per items:
    1) This is a very valid point. It has been on my todo list for a while already. Sidebar API is not providing this data, so I need to use something external from sidebar to get access to this data. I have been looking for the best techniqe to use that will be copyright friendly and low on resource usage. So far gadget is using purely what sidebar API can provide. Recently I had a fresh look at this and I believe I am close to start get benefit from Performance Counters data. I will certainly include regular internal IP.
    2) Very good feature fequest. Such an obvious thing had not been thinked of yet. Its a shame. Will definately be on next release.

    As of putting it in the corner - not sure if this can be done. I have not seen control on this. Have you seen this ability in any other gadget? If yes - which one?

  55. Angel Velev Says:


    Your gadget kicks ass.

    The only improvement I could see is allow LARGER size. I have set this up on the desktop of my elderly father who has 2 cataracts and can’t see small icons. Knowing the IP is essential for him to report it to me so I can log into his desktop remotely and help him out. That saves me the cost of setting him up w/ a static external IP.

    Another improvement is to add a clipboard script with an onclick event so one would not have to highlight the text and rightclick to copy it. Since clipboard script are intrusive and some people don’t like them you may make this a configurable option.


  56. the gandab Says:

    well if you add in the single value instead of usage per thread atleast make it optional since enthusiasts like me need to know the usage of each thread very helpfull .

    and about the rearranging your gadget its easier than youd believe

    just press shift and move it to where you want with your mouse

  57. Johnny Says:

    BAD NEWS!!
    This is no longer on the windows gadgets download list…. I need it for my new computer. can you please upload to this site, or another download location?

  58. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    Hello Johnny,

    Thank you for reporting about Live Gallery being retired now. I have changed dowlnoad link, so that you can download now.

    Hello Angel,

    Thank you. I am adding your requests to my list

    Hello Gandab

    I have implemented a setting to show CPU per unit for enthusiasts like you :)

  59. the gandab Says:

    thanks bro and keep up the awesome work , hope you get around to implement that one request i had about being able to select the gadget skin to a nice stylish red etc ,

    rock on !

  60. Wendorio Says:

    it would be nice to be able to select power plan by clicking on battery meter and getting popup meniu with options

  61. the gandab Says:

    hey hows it been goin bro any news?

    btw got a request is there a possibility for you to add in the possibility for youre gadget to show hdd space left from its total, including support for external usb storages so it detects when a device gets removed or not ,adding or subtracting that device from the gadget automatically would be a real great addition to youre gadget bro and most welcome

    dont forget to add hdd icons for external hdds and cd/dvd icons for external cd/dvd drives , peace

    p.s: merry christmas and a happy new year in advance ey? xD

  62. the gandab Says:

    forget my previous request just found out that sushi driveinfo does that job splendid no need for you to implement it

    btw hows that skin request i made comin along?

  63. the gandab Says:

    hey you still working on this gadget or what pavel?

    remember i had a request for a custom rog skin for your ipk combo gadget, id appreciate it , peace

  64. Walrus Says:

    Sad to see micro$oft killed the gadgets gallery - still love this gadget and will continue to use it till windows 7 dies. great work good sir. (perhaps you could make a similar gadget for Linux flavours?). this is definitely a case of - there’s a hole in the old one but we’re working on a new one so we don’t care any more. i hope they have the gadgets in windows 8, i’ll be lost without them.

  65. Pavel Kuzub Says:

    Updated gadget to version 1.3. Looks like the final version.

    Hello the gandab, sorry, your features will rest in todo list forever.
    Hello Walrus, thanks.

  66. Lea Says:

    Pavel thanks again my friend for my most used gadget, I’m just about to download version 1.3,
    I only use 2 gadgets, yours & Clipboard Manager, but since Microsoft have stop supporting desktop/sidebar gadgets & have also now said (after all this time) that they’re a security risk & for the last few wks my Clipboard Manager .dll is constantly being quarantined by my Kaspersky Anti-Virus (I know this gadget has nothing to do with you) so I’ve had to uninstall it.
    I hope this is just an isolated problem with that particular gadget & not a sign of things to come with all gadgets,more specifically yours as there isn’t anything else that comes close to the visuals & functionality of ipk Combo.
    I use & value your gadget that much that it is the only thing stopping me from doing away with sidebar.exe altogether after Microsofts security statement. But whilst ever your ipk Combo works without troubles I shall keep using it.
    Thanks again Pavel

  67. mako Says:


  68. sahibzada Amanullah Says:

    Great job for the desktop gadgets

  69. saqo Says:


  70. John Says:

    BIG THANK YOU Pavel for the iP(avel)K(uzub) Combo Windows gadget.
    I use the 1.3 version on a MS 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium OS with a wireless WLAN internetwork connection, but it also works fine with a wired LAN connection. For me it is shows just enough parameters. Although there always will be new or improved features left to be desired, for me your gadget shows and does at least the minimum things I need.

    One noticeable thing: when I have ’show signal’ opted, the percentage parameter of signal strength is overwritten by my SSID name of 14 characters (fits precisely within the gadget’s boundaries), which is displayed on top of the signal’s graph. Unfortunately it does not appear in the way as shown on top of this Weblog.

    I hope you can and want to update your gadget for allowing 14 characters, by showing the percentage parameter of signal strength on top or below, or within the signal graph itself (with the right customizable colour settings that would be completely awesome).

    Please keep up your excellent and well appreciated work on the favoured iPK Combo gadget.

  71. Todor Says:

    How can I increase the size of the gadget?

  72. Mark Says:

    I really like this gadget.
    One thing though…. It would be great if one could increase the size; 125%, 150%, 200%.
    It’s very small. But, it you plan to do this, please make sure it won’t pixelate.


  73. Seyyahh68 Says:

    greartings from Turkiye,
    your “iPK COMBO 1.3″ is very usefull but is it not possible to put “time and date” in your next vers.s thanks [:-)]

  74. Virgil Says:

    Everything is great so far no complaints, but would be nice to make the back ground clear to match the desktop

  75. Luis Says:

    Hello, thanks for a great widget. One request I would like to make is if possible could you make the size expandable? On my 21″ monitor, the display is so small, I can barely read it.

  76. K Says:

    That will be perfect if there’s Network Upload/Download Speed kb/s bar

  77. Programmer Dude Says:

    I could try to update this to include size and time

  78. wb Says:

    This is great !!! and even looking very good.
    Just what I needed to show my public IP with easy access!

    Thanks, good job!

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