iPK Combo 1.2 Release

It’s been a long journey spending hours every evening working towards identifying and fixing hung issue of gadget under Internet Explorer 9. I thought I did it numerous times, but I was not there yet at that moment as time testing showed. Again, majority of code has been revised and rewritten and every line has been under suspect.

Luckily, I have come up to conclusion on how to handle this freezing/hanging issue properly, so gadget will no longer bother you on your Windows shutdown or closing Settings screen.

I couldn’t leave new release without any new features, since many would not find the reason to upgrade, so I checked by notes on what was wanted and added System Drives utilization information.
Unlike other gadgets showing Drives information I have seen on the Gallery, I have made my gadget show all your ready drives by default and you can configure exceptions instead. This way, whenever you plug in flash drive or mount a network drive - the gadget will automatically pick it up and expand the gadget with one more line representing the Drive. Similarly, if you unplug the drive - it will disappear from the gadget dynamically. All animated, of course, and simply working out of the box.

As there might be more releases going forward, I decided to add check for an update, so that you would know exactly when new version is available for your download. Once new version is out - you will see notification on the gadget with a link to download page.

Way too many improvements are delivering with this release, but they are so behind the scene, that you will not notice, so no need to list them except that it will use slightly less CPU now after running for a while.

Please go to the original iPK Combo post for download information.

Leave me your feedback! That’s all my motivation for this free software

4 Responses to “iPK Combo 1.2 Release”

  1. DMT Says:

    Привет Павел. как можно с тобой связатся хотел переговорить поп оводу iPKcombo с тобой) по модернизации)

  2. Jan Newbould Says:

    Great gadget 10/10 but was wondering if you could make one in the same style for NVIDIA Graphics Cards?? Id beta test it for you!!

  3. Walt Says:

    Dear Pavel,
    thank you for the gadget, i love it.
    But in my netbook with windows 7 home edition when i zoom the font from 100% to a bigger dimension, a pink frame appears on the border of the gadget.
    Can you tell me why?

  4. Яков Says:

    Добрый день, Павел!
    Симпатичный и внешне, и по функционалу Ваш iPK Combo 1.3, но… Нет возможности изменить опции: мне не все нужны. Однако, если я что-то изменяю, гаджет перестаёт работать: 1. продолжает показвать то, что я отменил; 2. анимация останавливается.
    У меня Win 7.
    Пожалуйста, ответьте на мой адрес.

    С уважением, Яков

    Good afternoon, Paul!

    Nice and outwardly, and on options yours iPK Combo 1.3, but… There is no possibility to change an option: not all are necessary to me. However, if I change something, the gadget ceases to work: 1. сontinues to show that I have cancelled; 2. аnimation stops.
    At me Win 7.
    Please, answer on my address.

    Yours faithfully, Jacob

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